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Licensed Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire extinguishers save lives and property, but they require regular maintenance to ensure their effectiveness in the event of an emergency. You can trust the experienced team at Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL to provide you with the first line of defense by keeping your extinguishers and exit lighting in optimal condition.


Our Company and Services

Established in 1982, Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. is an experienced fire extinguisher company specializing in the service and sale of portable fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. Our extensive knowledge, friendly service, and competitive pricing set us apart as a leader in our industry throughout the Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida area.


We are a family-owned and -operated business with an excellent reputation for quality, reliability, and service, and satisfying your expectations is our top priority. We're committed to providing comprehensive services with minimal disruption and ensuring compliance with all local and state fire prevention codes. Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. is fully licensed in the State of Florida (License #19518500012010), and we take pride in employing qualified service technicians and providing top-rated fire protection products.

We are fully licensed in the State of Florida

License #19518500012010

Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. sells top rated fire protection products. We employ qualified service technicians that are permitted by the State of Florida Fire Marshal.

Fire Extinguishers Save Lives & Property!

Customers We Serve

We offer superior services and products to companies, multifamily residential complexes, and industrial facilities of all sizes. Industries we serve include:


  • Contracting/Construction
  • Transportation
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Entertainment
  • Medical/Dental
  • Industrial/Warehousing
  • Childcare

At Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc., our dedicated team members live and work in your community. We care about the safety and protection of you, your facilities, and your employees and residents, and our quality sales and services speak to our local reputation. Contact us today at (904) 398-2030 to schedule your annual fire extinguisher maintenance.

A fire extinguisher sign representing the fire protection products offered by Apartment Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide complete efficient service, with minimal disruption, ensuring compliance with all local and State Fire Prevention Codes. We continue to uphold our excellent business reputation.

Celebrating 39 Years! 1982-2021


As an owner of a fire extinguisher, it is up to you to properly maintain your fire extinguisher and be ready in the event of a fire. To ensure that you have the best fire extinguisher that is ready to use trust the expertise of Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. From the inspection of your fire extinguisher to emergency and exit lighting, we have everything you need to help protect your property.