Fire Extinguisher Inspection Information and Services

A fire extinguisher inspection and certification are essential to keeping your facility safe in the event of a fire. Each fire extinguisher requires regular servicing, maintenance, and inspection by a qualified service technician. The service technicians at Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc. have been permitted by the State of Florida Fire Marshal and are trained to perform all inspections and certifications.

Safety Data Sheets

To view Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on the following fire extinguishers and other fire safety products, please click on the following links. This information is courtesy of Buckeye Fire Equipment.

Annual Maintenance and Certification

As part of our maintenance service plans, we inspect each of your fire extinguishers and perform the required yearly service according to code. We also keep track of your service inspection date and contact you when you're due to schedule your next service. In addition to yearly services, we offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual inspections, as well as 6-year recharging and 12-year hydrostatic testing for appropriate extinguishers, including:

Other maintenance and inspection services can be provided based on the extinguisher type.


The Importance of a Regular Inspection

If your fire extinguisher requires any repairs, servicing, or recharging, it's crucial to contact us right away to resolve the issue. Regular maintenance and annual inspections will also help ensure that the fire extinguisher is ready to be used in the event of an emergency.


At Apartment Fire Extinguisher Services, Inc., we're up to date on manufacturer recommendations and knowledgeable on requirements set forth by insurance companies, safety agencies, and federal, state, and local codes. We take pride in our reputation as a leader in fire protection for industries throughout the Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida area, and you can feel confident in our superior level of professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today at (904) 398-2030 to schedule your fire extinguisher inspection, maintenance, or certification.